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1959 Oldsmobile

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Dubai, UAE
Model, Body type:
Fuel Type:
Engine Power:
V-8 ( KW / BHP )

“1959’s inspired creation…Ninety-Eight by Oldsmobile. It’s the roomiest Olds of the year…the roomiest Rocket ever! This sleek new beauty makes a complete break with the past, setting the pace for a new styling cycle. It’s lean, clean lines are the essence of Oldsmobile’s “Linear Look” for ’59”  – A quote straight from the sales literature of 1959   

The Oldsmobile 98 (a Series 90 with an 8-cylinder engine, hence the Ninety-Eight) was a flagship model of Oldsmobile (a division of General Motors). Fifties cars are known for unique styling, powerful engines and plenty of chrome and this 1959 Oldsmobile does not disappoint.

In 1959 the Oldsmobile was completely redesigned, improved, and upgraded in comparison to previous models. Everything about it is massive and flashy; from the V8 engine under the substantial hood to the outrageously oversized trunk with its remarkably-styled taillights.

The 1959 Oldsmobile includes air scoop brakes, turn signals, safety spectrum speedometer, rocker panel moldings, parking brake light, deep twist carpeting, sponge vinyl roof lining, unique wheel trim, power steering and brakes, Jetaway Hydramatic Drive, and an electric clock.

In the year of 1959 Oldsmobile manufactured 383,000 vehicles.  With this production Oldsmobile earned seven-percent of the entire American automobile market.


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  1. Basak
    March 15, 2015 at 12:14 pm · Reply

    The style, color, and the look is just perfect! It would be great to hear the engine with a video shoot, vroom vrooom…

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