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Quadro 4 Bike

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Dubai, UAE
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White & Black

The innovative Quadro tilting technology has revolutionized motorcycling and scooter riding. The globally patented HTS Hydraulic Tilting System offers maximum stability and safety combined with a high level of comfort and riding fun, even in challenging road conditions.

The Quadro 4 offers Two- wheel ride feeling on four wheels. With two drive wheels, the double HTS Hydropneumatic Tilting System and hydraulic single-wheel suspension, the first ever four- wheel scooter sets entirely new benchmarks in terms of safe riding-without compromising on sporty flair comfort. Wet roads, tram tracks and manhole covers are no longer uncertainty factors. The Quadro 4 even ensures a smooth ride over bumps in the road. The wheel tilts simultaneously, adpat to road conditions and provide excellent grip.

Its dynamic engine gives the Quadro 4 excellent performance figures in city traffic, while allowing relaxed cruising on winding country roads and motorways. And if you do have to stop at a red light, you can remain stationary without feet having to touch the ground.


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